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Carl and Alex

Carl and Alex first started fishing in 2005, but it wasn't until 2010 that they decided to start making videos. These days you'll find them on the bank almost every week, chasing all different species.

Carl & Alex Videos

Fox: The Challenge

Fox invite followers on their Fox Facebook page to suggest different challenges for Mark Pitchers and they choose one for him to tackle shown in each episode.

The Challenge Videos

Korda Masterclass

Korda Masterclass: Danny Fairbrass and others from the Korda team give you the complete guide to catching more carp.

Korda Masterclass Videos

Nash: Urban Banx

Follow the urban fishing adventures of Alan Blair as he tackles some of the most forgotten and unusual urban venues in search of one thing - CARP!

Urban Banx Videos

Jimmy's Diary

Join Jimmy in his latest carp angling diary as he targets some of the most prestigious carp.

Jimmy's Diary Videos

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